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Accounting services

  1. Financial accounting
  2. Inventory accounting
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Fixed Assets
  5. Business analysis.
  6. On-line bookkeeping, replication

Personnel Services

One of the most complex problems, from the standpoint of legal regulations, is the calculation of employee salaries which is the reason why many companies decide for the service of outsorcing the calculation of employee salaries.


Our task is to follow laws and bylaws of acts and regulations, filtration of data and providing information which are related directly to your business dealings and which are needed in a certain time.

Other services

Desiring to facilitate the business dealings of our client, we have decided to expand our services. Now all complicated procedures in relation to company registration, legal advice or the delivery of documentation to authorised institutions you can leave to us.


About Us

About Us

Selecting an accounting agency is one of the most important decisions a company needs to make. You need an agency which has great experience and a wide range o services.

"KVATRO ACC" agency exists over fifteen years and deals with management of bookkeeping and accounting for companies, cooperatives, other legal persons and entrepreneurs.

Accounting is the basic service of our agency and includes the entire record, following regulations in the field of accounting and application of tax law for enterprises and cooperatives, other legal persons, entrepreneurs, regional offices.

„KVATRO ACC" operates with the latest software, and it is a certified accounting company.

Milan Davidovic CEO

Milan Davidovic CEO

The day "KVATRO acc' started with business, we were aware that we are entering an environment where mistakes are not allowed and where professional approach to business is the key to success. During the years that we have been in business we have realized that the success of our clients is the goal that we want to achieve. We are guided by the approach that the key to every business is to have satisfied clients, and because of this we devote a lot of time to our clients needs.

The services that ‘KVATRO acc' provides are coordinated with the needs and wants of our clients. We offer services that will satisfy the needs of clients. We are aware that we live in a constantly changing world and time is money. Due to this we will help our clients in establishing a company for the first time, in all segments of the administrative, legal, economic and financial aspects of business operations.

We are very proud with the strategy that we are lead by, tradition and experience combined with youth and ambition. We have put together a time of a high quality and it is constantly growing and improving.

Become out Partner. We are sure that we will be an important part of your business success.

Kind Regards,
Milan Davidovic

''With 'KVATRO ACC' we have a cooperating from the day our company was founded. We have developed and grown together, therefore our relation is more than just business.''

Director and Founder Pavle Pulek
Netiks, Beograd


''When we were searching for a company to which we would confide our payroll, we had in mind a couple of very important caracteristics, some being accuracy, alertness, professionalism...with 'KVATRO ACC' we received much more.''

Managing Director Bojan Mikec
Duga Boje i Lakovi, Beograd

''The cooperation of our Company with 'KVATRO ACC' has a long tradition and it dates from 2001. Agility and flexibility by which 'KVATRO ACC' adapts to our needs is at a high level. Our business cooperation is in a constant growth, for mutual benefit and satisfaction.''

Head of Accounting, Tax and Treasury
Savo Ćurlić
British American Tobacco SEE, Beograd

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