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Outsourcing of employee salary calculation

Outsorcing of employee salary calculation

  • Way of calculation (Net - Gross, Gross - Net)
  • The compensation cost for public transport
  • Per diem for official travel in the country
  • Per diem for official travel outside the country
  • Compensation costs of accommodation on Business trips
  • Benefits for temporary and occasional jobs
  • Income from copyrights and similar rights and industrial property
  • Scholarship
  • Bonuses
  • Calculation of accounting dispatch
  • Calculation of beneficial seniority redundant pay
  • Solidarity support
  • Redundancy
  • Gift to employee's children up to 15 years
  • Use of personal vehicle for official purposes
  • The use of company car
  • Income from capital - interest
  • Income from capital - dividends and bonus
  • Income from capital - based on participation et al.


  • Accounting list earnings calculation for each worker
  • Payroll
  • Forms: OD, OD-1, OPJ, NZ-1, specification following forms...
  • Credit transfer (summary) for all contributions, taxes and the bank, in which employees have a current account or the administrative ban
  • Current list of account payment (summary lists sent to the banks)
  • List of creditors (sent to the banks after completion of payment, for further credit distribution)
  • Electronic lists for loans and net earnings (are sent directly to the bank, in agreement with the customer and the bank)
  • Halcom, FX client bank transfer (bank transfer summary in one file)
  • Specification list of payment (payment is possible directly through E-Banking)
  • OPJ 2 form, OPJ 4 form, OPJ 6 form and corresponding specifications Envelopes (opaque, with earnings statements for each employee)
  • Envelopes (opaque, with the calculation of earnings for each employee)
  • Filling out PPP forms (once a year - until 31.01.)